Our mission

Sea Economic Solutions is dedicated to promoting a sustainable use of the natural resources of the Oceans, through providing consultancy and through the development of innovative projects focusing on a responsible and sustainable use of the marine environment resources

Who we are

Sea Economic Solutions is composed of a group of professionals with a background in Marine Biology and Fisheries, Biological Engineering, Microbiology, Environmental Engineering and Economics. These diverse backgrounds support the based experience of our team in a wide range of fields, including: consultancy and development of aquaculture, fisheries and biotechnological projects within an sustainable and responsible framework; diversification of fisheries activities; monitoring and surveillance of fishing activities; exploration of new fisheries; exploration of new aquacultures; scientific research cruise missions, recruitment, training and deployment of fisheries, marine mammal, seabirds and other endanger marine species observers; data collection and statistic analysis; stock assessment and decision support; marketing and trade of high value marine products; environmental impact studies; structural project performance analysis; marine spatial planning, traceability scheme implementation, among others.